Who We Are

ZENITH is run by a small group of filmmakers in Melbourne, Australia.

Fed up with the lack of opportunities for emerging filmmakers & at a loss of where to watch great short films online, the idea for ZENITH was born.

Every week ZENITH’s team add a couple of new films to the platform, making sure the quality of ZENITH’s content is maintained & that every single film is worth your time.

With a strong interest in contemporary issues, ZENITH aims to educate it's audience across a variety of themes whilst always ensuring its program is entertaining. We tackle politics, relationships, immigration, human rights, social justice, mental health, war & conflict and of course throw in a few films just for laughs.

$2.50 of your subscription payment goes directly to the featured filmmakers on our platform & the rest ensures that ZENITH can continue to operate.

If any of the above sounds like you, excellent, welcome & we hope you enjoy our platform.

Please feel free to get in touch: info@zenith.digital