Who We Are

Zenith is a new subscription based VOD platform purely for short films.

We showcase indie & art house films whilst focusing on films with a strong social conscience. We believe films have both the power to entertain and to make the world a better place.

Zenith’s scope is international as we select the best short films from all over the world whilst focusing on discovering fresh new talents.

Zenith is highly selective when programming films for our audience. As we continue to grow we aim to have being selected for Zenith as coveted as being selected into a major festival.

Unlike most film festivals and other platforms, Zenith doesn’t charge a submission fee and instead, we strongly believe that filmmakers deserve to be paid for their film. Currently we split our revenue 50/50 with our filmmakers and they receive a payment every month for 12 months.

A film featured on Zenith will firstly reach an audience who will truly appreciate the film and secondly an audience of film industry members.

A key component of Zenith’s purpose is to help filmmakers establish their careers. Our platform has been specifically designed to encourage & facilitate communication with industry members on the platform.

Come join us, the door is always open.