Frequently Asked Questions

Can I contact you via email?
Yes, our email is but we will not open any film submissions sent via email.
Do I have to be a subscriber to ZENITH to watch the films on the platform?
No you don’t, but if you create a login you can “Like” and “Save” films for later.
Does the film have to be exclusive with ZENITH?
No, you can have you film in any festival, on any broadcasting network, on any other streaming platform.
Does it cost to submit?
No it does not cost to submit to ZENITH.
How do I submit?
Head up to our menu bar to SUBMIT FILM. Enter your email, your film’s URL (we don’t accept files for submissions), password (if protected) and any extra information you think may be relevant.
What if my film isn’t in English?
No problem! Just make sure it has English subtitles.
How can I increase my chance of being featured?
Make an amazing film! Other than that, there is no way you can increase your chance of being featured.
Do you have a partnership with any existing VOD platforms?
No, we are a completely independent company.
How many minutes is a short film?
We categorise a short film as a film less than 40 minutes in length.
Who selects the films to be featured on ZENITH?
We have a small curation team who watches all your submissions and independently scours the net for great new films.
Will I receive feedback?
Unfortunately we are unable to provide feedback unless your film is selected to be featured on ZENITH.
How long will my film be featured on ZENITH?
Films featured on ZENITH will have a lifespan of one year.
Do films have to have been made in the last two years?
No, we take submissions for films that up are to roughly 10 years old.
Do you accept submissions from Distribution companies?
Of course! We would love for you to submit to Zenith on behalf of your filmmakers. We are looking to build strong ongoing partnerships with distributors and we would love to discuss this more with you.
Is geo-blocking enabled on Zenith?
Yes it is, we can geo-block via country, region or territory.
I am interested in Zenith but I need more information…
Sure, email us at and we’d love to answer your questions.