Frederic Klein
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Frederic Klein 19-06-1986, Amsterdam

Profession: Painter Performer Filmmaker

Education: 2011 - BA Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam 2016 - MFA Goldsmiths University, London

In February 2011, Frederic was living in the Kennemer Dunes in the Netherlands for one week. Where he slept in a bunker and documented this week for his graduation film ‘In the gloom’ whilst saying goodbye to his youth. An ode and a goodbye to the dunes where he grew up. This kind of isolation formed the essence of his practice. He examines the impact of the natural world upon the individual, rendering his experiences of exploring rugged (and often threatening) landscapes to canvas and film. Frederic routinely isolates himself in the wilderness, oftentimes for a number of days, allowing for the extreme conditions of his ventures act as a catalyst for his practice.