Jan Kobal
Bio x

Jan Kobal is an award winning Slovenian immunologist turned filmmaker with ardent interests in the various cultural scenes across central and eastern Europe. More specifically, his interests lie in how these progressive cultural movements influence the politics and economy of these classically conservative countries.

Jan has been involved with various other projects in differing capacities. He has served as lead editor on several virtual reality films released on PBS FRONTLINE, as a cinematographer for films by Annie Wong and Kate Sprague, and as an editor and finishing editor on the HBO Vice Feature Film Special Report: A World In Disarray.

The HIIDA award winning “If I Can’t Dance At Your Revolution, I’m Not Coming” explores the burgeoning cultural scene in Kiev, Ukraine. With this film, Jan hopes to show Ukraine in a more positive and progressive light whilst emphasizing the complicated challenges this cultural movement faces both within its own borders and from Russia to its east and the European Union to its west.